3D printing training and school-enterprise cooperation

3D printing training and school-enterprise cooperation

Product Details

As a 3D printing equipment manufacturer, Guangzhou Zaowei Tech Co., Ltd. has launched FDM 3D printers and light-curing 3D printers. Two different 3D printing technologies provide professional 3D printers and 3D scanner solutions according to different needs of customers. After hard work and development, it has a certain scale and strength. It has established cooperative relations with South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Open University, South China Normal University, Guangdong Industry Polytechnic College, Guangdong Engineering Polytechnic College.

Guangzhou Zaowei Tech Co., Ltd. has a learning and open attitude and sincerely hopes to establish a cooperative relationship with the school.

The cooperation content is not limited to the following:

1. Joint development of 3D printing equipment to enhance the state's functional equipment manufacturing industry

2. Recruitment of students applying for school to solve school employment problems

3. School internship listing institution

4. 3D printing technology application and 3D scanning service application deep cooperation

5. 3D printing training and in-depth cooperation

6. Joint declaration of national or regional 3D printing technology transformation project

7. Jointly establish a 3D printing service platform with the school

8. Maker Education 3D printing course development and application deep cooperation

Currently partner institutions include:

In 2016, it jointly launched the “3D Printing Primary and Secondary School Science and Technology Education Training Project” with Beijing University of Technology.

In 2016, we established the “Internet + 3D Printing Technology Development and Service Research Center” with Guangdong Open University.

In 2016, we established a “3D printing service platform” with Guangdong Engineering Polytechnic College and signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement.

In 2017, together with Guangdong Mechanical &Electronic College of Technology, held a training course on “Teaching Teachers (Product Collaborative Innovation Design and 3D Printing Practice)”