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Education 3d printer

Education series 3D printing equipment is a desktop education 3D printer developed for the education industry. It has a cost-effective 3D printer price. The product is divided into two models to meet the different needs of the education industry. The nozzle is modular in design and can achieve two-color printing or solubility. Support printing.

Industrial grade 3D printer

The Z-250 industrial grade 3D printer is a new 3D printer for the company.

LCD180 light curing 3D printer

LCD 180 light-curing 3D printer, using face-formed LCD 3D printing technology, the molding speed is fast, the light source is uniform, the printing effect of the whole construction platform is consistent, and there will be no printing similar to DLP 3D printing technology or SLA 3D printing technology. The model has a large deviation in accuracy or print distortion.

LCD215 light curing 3D printer

LCD 215 light-curing 3D printer, using LCD surface forming 3D printing technology, the molding speed is fast, the light source is uniform, and the surface of the printing model is fine and smooth. Among the desktop 3D printers, the LCD 215 3D printing device has a large size of 215*135*185mm, which effectively fills the shortcomings of the desktop light-cured 3D printer.

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