Product Creation Space produces display art through 3D printing technology


Product Creation Space is a trustworthy comprehensive service provider of Mei Chen. It has been focusing on the beauty industry for many years and is committed to comprehensive services such as product and space design, production and production, project landing and after-sales maintenance. The business system is the core concept of “practical aesthetics”, providing customers with overall solutions for commercial softwear, scene creation, soft decoration, art furniture, art tooling, installation art related services and products. After long-term deep cultivation, Pinchuang Space has established a large-scale domestically-standardized Mei Chen factory of nearly 30,000 m2, introducing more than ten 3D printers for commercial Mei Chen product design and production, and determined to create high-quality intelligent, visual and modernized industries. The product production line covers commercial real estate, film and television, media, advertising, municipal engineering, public construction, education, medical, industrial design and other industries.

"Production process is an important standard to measure the strength of a company. Our company is the earliest introduction of 3D printers in the same industry. The supporting production process is complete, and it can output diversified types of products. The quality can also be better guaranteed. This is our Advantages, can do a lot of products that others can't do. " When talking about production strength, Product Creation Liu is very proud to say.

Into the creation of the exhibition hall, all look at all kinds of sculptures and creative products, there are landscapes, home-like, abstract art, etc., dazzling, dizzying, minimalist, and very creative These products are from the success stories of the products, but also witness the development of the company.

3D printed Flamingo & Bugatti series sofa

Flamingos have become the "toon" of the design world in recent years , but few people have paid attention to the current status of flamingos. The designer uses the flamingo to design the lamp with the feet, hoping to awaken the conscience of the human heart: when the animals light up our lives in various forms, we also need to care for their living conditions in turn, we have no right to trample on Their lives. The details of the surface of this flamingo are vivid and the details are displayed in perfect detail. It is a finished product made entirely by 3D printing.

The high-end precision of 3D printing achieves the elegant body of the flamingo. Under the mapping of the lights, the magnificent burgundy is filled with hope of life.

The Bugatti series of sofa frames are made with 3D printing technology. They have a unique, luxurious and elegant modern style, which balances tradition and innovation. It is a model of exquisite design and extraordinary skills.

Some of these products are directly produced by 3D printing, and some are molded by 3D printing prototypes. In general, the combination of 3D printing and 3D printing not only satisfies the high precision of the products, but also shows the quality. And the comprehensive product cost is low, and the delivery time of new products is fast. In general, Pinchuang's products using 3D printing account for more than half of the company's total projects.

Pinchuang has established long-term cooperative relationships with many companies such as China Resources Land, COFCO Real Estate, New City Holdings and CapitaLand Group, and has more than 500 successful cases. So far, more than 5,000 projects in different fields have been completed . Customers include commercial Mei Chen, new retail, urban furniture, hotel office, IP cooperation, etc. It is one of the few integrated suppliers in China that can provide comprehensive service solutions.

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