Why Are LCD 3D Printers So Popular?


LCD 3D printers have been highly regarded in the 3D printing industry in recent years, and the excellent price/performance ratio has played a crucial role. First of all, the printing quality of the manufacturing LCD 3D printer is indeed very good, and the price is much cheaper than other printers, which is similar to the price of the FDM 3D printer; secondly, the after-sales cost of the LCD printer is relatively low. The screen determines the service life of the LCD printer. The price of the LCD screen is very grounded. Some good manufacturers have even launched a warm-hearted service for screensavers for several years!

3D printing technology is both magical and unfamiliar to ordinary people. Whether it is from designing a complex heart valve to a perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower, or from a small toy to a complex car engine, 3D printers have gone silently. into our lives. With the development of the economy, people's demand for 3D printing is getting higher and higher, various manufacturers have mushroomed into the market, emerging and rising stars are constantly entering, and LCD light curing is even more turbulent.

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