LCD180 light curing 3D printer

LCD180 light curing 3D printer

Product Details

Product Details

LCD 180 light curing 3D printer, using face-formed LCD3D printing technology, the printing speed is fast, the light source is uniform, the printing effect of the whole platform is consistent, and there will be no spot edge enlargement that it is different from DLP or SLA 3D printing technology, resulting in a large deviation of the printing model accuracy. Or print distortion appears.

The desktop 3D printer- LCD 180 has a very attractive price. It is another important 3D printing technology after the introduction of FDM3D printer. Due to the high printing precision and fine surface, the LCD3D printer effectively complements the surface roughness of the FDM 3D printer printing model.


LCD surface molding 3D printing technology

cost-effective light curing 3D printer

Print size reaches 130*70*180mm

offline printing, touch screen operation

Transmission method: USB/WIFI

Quickly replace the LCD module

Can use ordinary resin, high toughness resin, castable resin, elastic resin, etc.