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Industrial grade 3D printer

Industrial grade 3D printer

The Z-250 industrial grade 3D printer is a new 3D printer for the company.

Product Details

The Z-250 industrial grade 3D printer is a new 3D printer for the company. As the leading 3D printer brand in China, our company pays great attention to product stability and details, so that customers can own cost-effective 3D printing equipment. Z-250 FDM 3D printer is equipped with constant temperature chamber, which can print ABS, ASA, PC, PLA. , PETG and other engineering plastics, no warp, no break.users can choose different materials to print models according to the actual situation.

The Z-250 industrial grade 3D printer has upgraded three times since 2015. It mainly upgrades modular nozzles and extruder mechanisms. The old nozzle head replacement is troublesome and requires experience or on-site service. The modular print head just send to customers for replacement, and the after-sales cost and customer maintenance waiting time can be greatly reduced. The feeding mechanism is upgraded from CNC manufacture to the mass production of mold. The double gear extruder structure greatly improves the stability of the feeding and effectively ensures the print output.


Industrial grade accuracy, minimalist industrial design, Concise and not simple

Fully enclosed casing,chamber is equipped with insulation cotton, equipped with intelligent constant temperature control system, not only the plateform heating

Uninterrupted printing for over 72 hours, quiet, stable and durable

Lighting system: LED secondary protection human eye design, print synchronous lighting, anti-glare, low energy consumption

Cross structure to achieve industrial grade 3D printing accuracy, nozzle module by mold manufacturing, high stability

Replace the nozzle without a screwdriver, directly plug it, no pressure on the novice

The nozzle is made of brass and mould, which realizes long-lasting printing.

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