Education 3d printer

Education 3d printer

Product Details

Product Details

Education series 3D printing equipment is a desktop education 3D printer developed for the education industry. It has a cost-effective 3D printer price. The product is divided into two models to meet the different needs of the education industry. The nozzle is modular in design and can achieve two-color printing or solubility. Support printing.

The single-head 3D printer prints a single color, and cannot print in two colors and dissolves. When a complex model is encountered, printing often fails because the support cannot be removed. The newly upgraded Education3D printer effectively solves the shortcomings of the single-head 3D printer in the current education market, and has obvious advantages such as high stability, ease of use, quick release nozzle, modular nozzle, and dual gear extruder..


★Industrial grade 3D printer accuracy, minimalist industrial design,

★ Uninterrupted printing for over 72 hours, quiet, stable and durable

★Imported screw and bearing, wear-resistant for a long time, guarantee high precision printing

★Lighting system: LED secondary protection human eye design, print synchronous lighting, anti-glare, low energy consumption

★Cross structure to achieve industrial grade 3D printing accuracy, nozzle module by mold manufacturing, high stability

★The nozzle can be switched up and down, not at the same height, the nozzle will not interfere with each other in the 3D printing process, realizing true dual nozzle 3D printing

★ Modular nozzle, perfect plug-in design, easy to change nozzle

★Replace the nozzle without a screwdriver, directly plug it, no pressure on the novice

★The nozzle is made of brass and mould, long-lasting printing.

★molded for double gear design extrusion mechanism, anti-slip, high stability, modular replacement, and effective model output

★Printing platform adopts high borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance, high strength, chemical resistance, low expansion rate, easy to use

★ Aluminum substrate heating platform, fast heating, stable temperature

★ One button active leveling, worry-free

★ Support SD or USB direct printing, power failure continuousprintting, Broken material detection

★ 3.5-inch color touch screen, minimalist design, ergonomic, high sensitivity, easy to operate

★Print mode:

Mode 1: Two-color printing, bringing you a new color experience

Mode 2: Solubility support printing, support without manual removal, direct dissolution