LD curing box

LD curing box

Product Details

     D50/100 light curing 3D printer curing box, small size, with two models, for different 3D printing consumables, choose different curing power, can achieve fast curing, original water curing method, effectively reduce the shrinkage of 3D printing hand board Deformation, improved uniformity of illumination, perfect for use with 180 LCD 3D printers .


★ Rotate button timing, convenient and practical

★Application office environment, with light curing 3D printer

★Two specifications, power 50W and 100W, the higher the power, the faster the curing

★The first water curing mode, rotating the tray to improve the uniformity of illumination and reduce the shrinkage deformation of 3D printing consumables

Printing platform adopts high borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance, high strength, chemical resistance, low expansion rate, easy to disassemble

Aluminum substrate heating platform, heating up quickly, smooth heating

One button active leveling, worry-free

Support SD or U disk direct printing, power failure continuous shooting, material detection

★ 3.5 -inch color touch screen, minimalist design, ergonomic, high sensitivity, easy to operate

Print mode:

Mode 1: Two-color printing, bringing you a new color experience

Mode 2: Solubility support printing, support without manual removal, direct dissolution