Consumer-grade 3D scanner

Consumer-grade 3D scanner

Product Details

Product Details

     ZSCAN-DS2 consumer-grade 3D scanner, mainly for the education market, with FDM3D printer or LCD3D printer to provide a total solution for the school. The machine has an automatic turntable for one-click scanning and is easy to use.

     The new ZSCAN-DS2+ features an unparalleled high-precision, white-light scanning of a desktop 3D scanner with a 130W pixel camera for full color scanning.


New second generation desktop white light scanner

Educational 3D scanner accuracy up to 0.05mm

Rotating platform, fully automatic scanning, easy to use

Scanning can directly output STL data for 3D printing, seamlessly connected

With 130W pixel camera, color scanning, make the image file more realistic

Two kinds scanning modes, fully automatic rotating platform 3D scanning, handheld free mode 3D scanning