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3D printing service helps blind children to perceive new things
- 2019-05-09-

On April 15, 2019, a blind school teacher came to the classroom with a 3D printed model, giving children a new sense of what they couldn't see. This novel experience opened up new worlds for their world. At the gate, the children are rushing to touch these models, and every detail does not want to let go.
It is reported that these 3D printing models are produced for blind children by a student charity called joiner. Joiner is a student charity organization that has been conducting research and project work for additive manufacturing. They teach and teach 3D printing modeling and production in many schools in China, and maintain good communication and cooperation with many related companies. And this project for the blind student-specific model is also lacking in their participation.


The person in charge of Joiner said that the beginning of this idea was originally caused by the teacher's indication that it is difficult to visualize the children to understand what they can't touch. These blind children can't touch the ripples of the water waves. When they climb the mountain, the impression of the mountains is only a layer of stairs... So what is the way for these children to feel these untouchable things? 3D printer technology has played a very important role at this time. The head of Joiner was inspired by relevant US cases and used a 3D printing technology that they have been focusing on research to develop a series of project work for the needs of blind students.