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Furniture giant IKEA, using 3D printing technology to develop and design e-sports furniture
- 2019-06-16-

The products of IKEA are well-known for their easy-to-use and unfair plans . According to reports, IKEA and prosthetic company Unyq and E-sports Area Academy will help each other to succumb to e-sports furniture. For this reason, many players have been waiting for Yishun’s e-sports chair.


In the past years, the three companies officially invented a series of peripheral products for gamers. The series, called Uppkoppla , is "in the line " meaning, providing players with custom peripheral products for 3D printing. The first products to be launched include a wrist rest, a more resilient keycap, and a mouse retainer.

The Uppkoppla collection was created by a craft created by Unyq , which uses human body scanning techniques to create 3D printing models that meet individual needs . The first prototypes and the APP for measuring biometrics will be released at IKEA's Year-end Product Summit, Democratic Design Days .

Unyq is on his Instagram to say: “The game players spend a lot of work every day sitting in front of the computer, which can bring great shoulders to the body. The goal of the three parties is to create a more ergonomic game. Accessories produce and slow down the pressure.

At present, IKEA has only issued three peripherals, such as a keycap, a mouse threader and a wrist rest. It will be similar to the game table, chair and table stand in the future. The Uppkoppla series will be launched in 2020 , let us wait all the way!  

PS :

IKEA used to stop the opening of furniture and personalized customization through large-scale FDM 3D printers. The digital intelligence system has already been in the company structure. The domestic enterprises need to keep up with the pace of science and technology, and decisive research and development is the company's first potential.